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Vacuum InterruptersTJ-1.14/80A
Product Name£ºVacuum InterruptersTJ-1.14/80A
Item No£ºTJ-1.14/80A
Description£º The Interrupter adopts ¡°one shut technology¡±, ceramic shell, CuWC as the contact material;is characterized by high insulation, low stop-flow, strong blowout ability , long life, smallsize etc, and has advantages as easy to maintain, no explosion risk ,pollution-free and lownoise etc. Contactors assembled by it are used to control and protect the electricity transmission and distribution system in electrical, mechanical, chemical, metallurgy, mining and railway department, especially in frequent operation fields.
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Product Details Introduction
Main technical specifications£º
Model TJ-1.14/80A
Rated Voltage£º KV 1.14
Rated Current£º A 80
Rated Make Current£º KA/times 0.8/50
Rated Break Current£º KA/times 0.64/50
Maximum Break Current£º KA/times 2/3
Rated Short Time Withstand Current/Last Time£º KA/s 0.64/10
Break Times Under Rated Current£º AC-4 6¡Á104
Short Time£º
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage£º
Thunder and Lighting Shock£º KV
Circuit Resistance under Rated Contact Pressure£º ¦Ì¦¸
Mechanical Life£º Times 1¡Á106
Contact Force at Rated Contact Gap£º N


Max Contact Gap£º mm


Reaction Force at Rated Contact Distance£º N
Contact Erosion Limit£º mm 1¡À0.2
Weight£º kg
Store Duration£º Year 10
Rated Contact Gap£º mm


Contact Overtravel£º mm


Average Break Speed£º m/s 0.3~0.5
Average Make Speed£º m/s 0.05~0.15
Rated Contact Operating Pressure£º N 70
Contact Make Bounce Time£º ms


Three-phase Synchronism£º ms


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