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Hydrogen Thyratrons-GL150
Product Name£ºHydrogen Thyratrons-GL150
Item No£ºGL150

The Hydrogen thyratrons  Cross reference

Triton£º F-150

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Product Details Introduction
Anode Parameter
Peak forward anode voltage£º 25kV
Peak inverse anode voltage£º 25kV
Peak anode current£º 1000A
Average anode current£º 1A
Rate of rise of anode current£º 5000A/¦Ìs
Plate break down factor£º 12.5¡Á109VApps
Maximum pulse power£º 12.5MW
Unloaded grid drive pulse voltage£º 450V¡«1500V
Grid pulse duration£º 0.6¦Ìs£¨min£©
Rise duration of grid pulse£º 0.35¦Ìs(max)
Peak inverse grid voltage£º 650V(max)
Forward impedance of grid circuit£º 25¦¸¡«250¦¸
Cathode heate rvoltage£º 6.3V¡À5%Vac
Cathode heater current£º 17¡À1A
Reservoir heater voltage£º 4.6V¡À5%Vac
Reservoir heater current£º 3.3A¡À0.5A
Minimum heater time£º 5min
Mounting position£º Any
Dimension£º See outline
Cooling way£º Forced-air
Cross reference
Triton£º F-150

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