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HV DC Contactors GL150
Product NameㄩHV DC Contactors GL150
Item NoㄩGL150

Sealed HV DC/AC Contactor - 150Amp Power Switching
RoHS Compliant

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Product Details Introduction


  • Ceramic to metal seal rated to 175⊥ 每 Reduced risk of fire or meltdown in over-current conditions.
  • Hermetic Seal 每 Designed to meet UL1604 for Class I & II, Div 2 and Class III for use in hazardous locations, IP67 for temporary water immersion for 30 min, SAE J1171 - external ignition protection, and ISO8846 for protection against ignition around flammable gasses.
  • High Efficiency Coils 每 CCoil with PWM economizer can lower power cost and it limits back EMF to 0V. The contactor can keep contact with very low coil power supply.
  • No Exposed Coil Electronics 每 The GL150 can operate almost anywhere, even under water 每 the coil electronics is fully sealed.
  • Fully RoHS Compliant 每 The GL150 is fully compliant and is better for the environment and future generations.

Product specifications

Parameter Ratings
Contact Arrangement (main) SPST-NO
Rated Operating Voltage 12-750VDC/VAC
Rated carrying current 150A ㄗ1/0 cable- 53mm2 cross-section areaㄘ
Max carrying current (1time) 1 Second ,1200A, 60 Seconds, 300Aㄛ600 Seconds,200A 
See Figure 2. Current carrying capacity
Switching Capacity See Figure 1. Power switching capacity for resistive load
Max cut-off current 1000A@320VDCㄛ1 time
Contact Resistance
Max @ rated carry current
Typical @ 150A

Mechanical Life 300ㄛ000 Cycles
Operate time, 25˚C
Close (includes bounce) Max
Close (includes bounce) Typical
Bounce on close, Max
Release time (includes arc time at max. break current)

13 ms
7 ms
12 ms
Contact Arrangement (Auxilary) SPST-NOㄗThe auxiliary contact is mechanically linked to the main power contacts.ㄘ
Auxiliary contact rating 2A@24VDC
Minimum current and voltage for Auxiliary contact 100mA@8V
Insulation Resistance at 500VDC 100 M次 ㄗ50 M次 after life testㄘ
Dielectric at sea level (leakage < 1mA) 2200 VRMS
Shock (Saw tooth or 1/2 Sine,11ms) 20G*s
Vibration, Sinusoidal (10-2000 Hz peak) 20G*s
Operating ambient Temp Range -55-85⊥
Storage ambient Temp Range -55⊥-125⊥
Weight, Typical 0.38kg/(0.84Lb)ㄗwithout nuts/washersㄘ

Power switching capacity for resistive load

Figure 1 . Power switching capacity for resistive load

1. Electrical life rating is based on resistive load with 27米H maximum inductance in circuit. Because your application may be different, we suggest you test the contactor in your circuit to verify life is as required.
End of life is defined as when the dielectric, insulation resistance or contact resistance exceeds the specifications listed.
2. Contactor is connected by 1/0 cables (53mm2 cross-section area).

Current carrying capacity

Figure 2﹜Current Carrying capacity

Coil ratings
Coil P/N Designation A or 1 D
Coil Voltage (Will operate) 10-36Vdc 32-95Vdc
Coil Voltage (Max) 36Vdc 95Vdc
In-Rush Current Max (100 ms) 每 Amps 3.6A 0.9A
Hold Current after in-rush (Avg.) - Amps 0.13A@12Vdc,
Pick-up Voltage @ 25C, Max 8.5V 32V
Dropout Voltage @ 25C, Min 4.5V 20V

Ratings are valid over temperature range .

Part number system
Contact Form:
A=Normally Open, H=Normally Open with Aux. Contacts
Coil voltage:
1=10-36VDC (requires external coil economizer)
Coil Wire Length:
A=15.3 in (390mm) B=6.0 in (150mm)
Coil Terminal Connector:
Mounting & Power Terminals:
A=Bottom Mount & Male 10mm X M8 Terminals
Outline dimension

Application Information:
  1. WARNING - When using more than one lug on a power terminal, make sure the primary power is closest to the contactor busbar, with the lower current lug on top, then the washer, then the lock washer, then the nut.Improper order can cause severe over-heating resulting in the possible melting of the connecting cable insulation.
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