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Fixed Vacuum Capacitor CKT5/21/12
Product Name£ºFixed Vacuum Capacitor CKT5/21/12
Item No£ºCKT5/21/12
CKT5/21/12 use vacuum as dielectric with ceramic envelope ,which have the following features:High voltage , Small size , High Q value, Stabilization capability , High reliability ,Low price. 

HV Fixed ceramic vacuum capacitors are widely used in influence heating ,medium heating ,the equipments for communication transmitters and broadcasting etc.

The vacuum capacitor Cross reference
Jennings Type: CKY-5-30S

Fixed Vacuum Capacitor CKT5/21/12  Download
Product Details Introduction

Specification ¡¡
capacity Cmax(nominal) 5PF
voltage(peak test Upt/peak Working Upw) 30kv/18kv
capacity to tolerance 5%
max.Current Imax at 26MHZ with 12Arms
conduction cooling
Net weight  0.06kg
CKT5/21/12 vacuum capacitor

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